Polysurface shell woes

Hi hope that someone can help me with this problem.
The attached file is half of the forepart of a shoelast shape. upload.3dm (2.9 MB)

I have created profiles to produce a surface with Network Surface, and while the surface isn’t terrible, it’s a little mis-shaped at the toe end. I have set the distance to edge on the surface as 0.001, but when zooming in I can still see a gap between the edge and the the boundary curves.

Worse still, when I then cap the two planar surfaces, and attempt to shell the closed polysurface at a distance of 2mm (this is required), I get a self intersecting surface at the toe.

Please give me some guidelines, I’ve spent two days going round in circles.

Hello - it looks like at 2mm offset, you’ll need to chop out some of the offset and replace it with a new surface- The radius ot your surface drops below 2, so some self intersection is inevitable.

upload_Inner.3dm (506.4 KB)


Thanks for taking the time Pascal, it hadn’t occurred to me to chop out some of the offset surface!

Can you shed any light on the surface not matching he boundary curves?


Try MatchSrf for Position, of the surface edge to the curve - match ‘by closest point’ and ‘refine’.


Many thanks, I’ll try that this evening