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I’m working with a basic rectangular polysurface, is there any way to put a dip in it, to emulate the look of a pit in the sand? There’s a picture attached of what I’m trying to do, also I have the file attached. Could you also include the commands used?


Rhino picture
Dip in Polysurface.3dm (76.9 KB)

Hi, you could make a planar surface that is developable with 6 points or so in each direction, then turn on the control points and move the desired ones down to make the dip in the surface. Maybe that isn’t what your shooting for. Just an idea—-Mark

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To make a local change in a polysurface you need to first separate the surface(s) you wish to modify. You can do this using Explode to explode the entire polysurface, or you can use ExtractSrf to separate selected faces from the polysrface. Then you can modify the individual surfaces. After modifying the surfaces you can Join the surfaces together into a polysurface.

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rhino has the right command for these situations
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can solve the problem

Watch the video

you have the possibility of preserving the internal structure of the polysurface.
however in this case you may need to manually adjust the surface control points

there is also the rectangle option in the command.
specially for modifying plane polysurface
I should have chosen this option .sorry


Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply, wanted to say thanks for the help, it worked out!