Polysurface copy/paste


Included a file with a polysurface which a can’t copy paste to a new file.
Other polysurfaces do copy/past, but this particular one doesn’t.
I’ve made this polysurface from a mesh, maybe this causes the problem.


Sorry boys and girls the file is to big to upload, this may be the reason why it want copy paste.


Most likely… MeshToNurb will make a polysurface with one surface for each mesh face - a structure that is far more memory intensive than a mesh and more or less useless if the original mesh had a high poly count.


If you wait long enough, maybe the thing will actually finish copying to the clipboard so you can paste it, but it’s probably not going to be enormously useful. One other workaround would be to export the object as file by itself, then and import that file into another.