Polylines are being read as 2D Polylines that are harder to edit

I’m having issues with interoperability between Rhino and AutoCAD. The latest problem being polylines exported from Rhino as “Polylines” are being read as “2D Polylines”, which makes them more difficult to edit - some properties don’t appear the same in 2d polyline as they would in regular polylines.

As mentioned here it can be fixed by running a “pedit” command in autocad, however it requires postprocessing in autocad, which may require learning how to write autocad plugins, which I hoped to avoid.

EDIT: Pedit didn’t work on multiple polylines. See the solution below.

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you can use the convertpoly and set them to “light”.

2D Polyline vs. Polyline - Autodesk Community - Community Archive - Read Only

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Thanks, I’ve just found this out as well. Pedit command doesn’t seem to work for some unknown reasons on multiple curves, but convertpoly did the job just fine.

Still wish it wasn’t necessary and planar polylines would be read as normal “lightweight” polylines.