PolylineOffset, CurveOffset Tools, Shapediver

Hi All,
I’m a beginner at grasshopper and just installed shapediver,
Now I want to open a file containing the plugin. I get the following pop up.

Has someone encountered the same problem? I don’t seem to find a solution using google, this forum, reinstalling shapediver.

Thanks in Advance!!

Screenshot >> help|607x391

Which file are you trying to open? It must be a mistake in one of our example models where we use the PolylineOffset component of this small “Curve Offset Tools” plugin we developed and use mostly internally.
If you tell me which of our example models uses this plugin I will update it to remove this dependency. In the meantime, you can also just install it separately, I am attaching it below. It will probably be included in the ShapeDiver plugin in the future.

CurveOffsetTools.gha (18.5 KB)

Hi Mathieu,

Since I didn’t make the file I’m trying to open, I don’t know.
There is a possibility that the person who made this, is using an older version of the software?
Thanks for the installation file, It fixed the pop-up!