Polyline to a Butterfly

Hi there! I was asked to instruct a Rhino class for jewelry design after we lost another instructor. I haven’t used the program since I was a student and I have no information to aid me in re-teaching the lessons.

The first class is assigned to “Complete the assignment From a Polyline to a Butterfly on p. 73-75 of your textbook. This exercise will include working with polyline distance and angle constraints.”

Unfortunately we have no textbooks and I have yet to figure out where this assignment is. I’ve checked both the Rhino Version 3.0 Users Guide I found in the studio as well as the Lvl 1 Training Manual, but none of them match this request.

I cannot remember how to do this without a refresher crash course and am wondering how to save myself. I’ve tried 50 different queries on YouTube, looked in the resources on Rhino, searched the web, tried a Discord server for Rhino users and no one will help me.

I cannot fail my students on week 1, and if I can just get a leg up, I’ll figure out the rest as we go. I’m wondering if this is from the Rhino for Jewelry book and if that might be helpful to order.

Thank you so much, in advance!


Hi @Danielle_Beaty
It looks as if it is indeed from the “Rhino for Jewelry” course/book: https://www.rhinoforjewelry.com/CTC-Course-Summaries/Rhino_I_online_course_summary.pdf
(look at bottom of Week 1).
I can’t find an online version of the book or specific tutorial either, so I guess you’ll have to buy the book (or find a library that has it).
HTH, Jakob