Polyline/points - coordinate input fails in WIP


I’m running into an issue exclusively on the Rhino WIP - when trying to create a set of _Points or _Polyline from a series of comma-separated values pasted in from excel, Rhino WIP appears to be trying to convert the coordinates to a picture before pasting them in, and the command fails due to an incorrect data-type. This is not an issue with Rhino 6. I’ve checked through my aliases and keyboard shortcuts to make sure I don’t accidentally have ctrl+V set to the picture command. Below is a screenshot from my execution of the command showing that Rhino WIP is trying to execute a picture command after the paste command is input.

Obviously this is easy to work-around for the time-being by using R6 and copying the info back and forth, but it would be nice to retain the ability to copy-paste coordinates from excel into Rhino 7.

I’m seeing similar behavior. Works in V6, does not in V7.

Ran into this problem just now. Any info on fixing it?

As of now, I’m still using V6 for this sort of functionality. Not ideal, but it isn’t too large of a hassle since I don’t have to do it too frequently. I can then port the output back to V7 with simple copy-paste.

It is a bit of a shame - it is nice to be able to use excel to concatenate some strings and coordinates together to execute a bunch of commands in a row without having to actually write a script. Very useful for deadweight surveys or downflooding point surveys:

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Would you categorise this as a regression from R6?

Bump. Ran into this again.

Just dug around the options and deleting !_Paste solved it.

Excellent work! A simple fix. Just tried it out myself. It does not appear to eliminate the regular copy/paste functionality for objects, and also permits XYZ point data to be copied from excel again for polyline or points. Thanks for finding this.