Polyline/points - coordinate input fails in WIP


I’m running into an issue exclusively on the Rhino WIP - when trying to create a set of _Points or _Polyline from a series of comma-separated values pasted in from excel, Rhino WIP appears to be trying to convert the coordinates to a picture before pasting them in, and the command fails due to an incorrect data-type. This is not an issue with Rhino 6. I’ve checked through my aliases and keyboard shortcuts to make sure I don’t accidentally have ctrl+V set to the picture command. Below is a screenshot from my execution of the command showing that Rhino WIP is trying to execute a picture command after the paste command is input.

Obviously this is easy to work-around for the time-being by using R6 and copying the info back and forth, but it would be nice to retain the ability to copy-paste coordinates from excel into Rhino 7.

I’m seeing similar behavior. Works in V6, does not in V7.