Polyline/ interpolated curve doesn't work with points created in gh

Hi, I am trying to connect 4 points with a curve in gh - something i have normally no problem with… The two endpoints are coming from an intersection between 2 curves and the xy plane. The two points in between are adjustable. When I try to connect them, even with a polyline, it doesn’t work, but I am able to connect only 2 points each time with each other. The polyline connect only the two endpoint, and a second one the two points in the middle. Also an interpolated curve doesn’t work. When I Bake the 4 points in rhino, and input them as point in gh the interpolated curve works. I need to be able to continue drawing with those intersection points, because they are part of a bigger gh file, were this is a step in between.
Someone knows how it comes or what I could do? Thanks!
lijn test cirkels.3dm (2.6 MB)
test lijn cirkels.gh (12.7 KB)

Make sure whether your input points are on the same data tree branch level or not…

test lijn cirkels_re.gh (17.5 KB)

@HS_Kim Thanks for the fast answer! What does tree branch level mean? I don’t recognize the icon you put inbetween, can you say the full name?
I just see the gh file you put with it.

And download the attached def…

Thanks, I understand :slight_smile: