Polyline Graft Bug?

Hi All,

I am wondering if the following is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

Please see the attached GH file. I am combining two data streams of polylines Crv1 and Crv2 via a parameter CrvComb into one. Then I extract ControlPoints (CP). This works fine, except for the points from the second curve in the Crv2 stream. These points are ending up in separate tree branches. This seems odd to me?

It can be fixed by either deleting data stream Crv1 or applying the fix in the file via Graft->Join->Trim.

Please do not bother to suggest workarounds. I am fine regarding that. I would be interested if this is a feature or a bug.


PolylineGraft.gh (19.7 KB)

You should just remove the empty branch, that is what is causing it.

Hi Michael,
thanks for that clean solution. In the full definition I used that empty branch. Another data stream merged into it. Though that could be done differently.
Thanks again