Polyline and rectangular areas from given points - GSA Grid Area Loads and Polylines

Hi all,

I am trying to create polylines from given points but I can’t manage to find a solution.
I have 12 longitudinal polylines and 25 transverse lines creating therefore 300 smaller areas.

It would be very useful if I could create these smaller surfaces, and then isolate the corners to create polylines (clockwise).

Could anyone assist?




It’s difficult to grasp your context with just one (messy) picture.

Please, have a look here: How to ask effective questions

12 Lines crossing other 25 lines create a grid of 11*24=264 cells, not 300.
If i got it wrong, indeed, please attach some relevant data about your situation.

In the meantime, look at this areas.gh (10.3 KB)

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for getting back to me.

First of all, I am working with GSA therefore I need to create polylines (for grid area loads) that follow the curve and it is important that the points are sorted around the polyline as shown in the snip.


  1. I have 14 curves, intersecting with 4 transverse lines.
    What I want to do is isolate each smaller rectangle from this intersection with each relevant curves and provide the coordinates in a clockwise way.

  2. The very important thing here is that by the time i have splitted the slab into smaller rectangles, the final shape of those rectangles should follow the curve. The last picture shows an example of polyline i need to create but I am struggling by the time I divide the curve.

I am attaching you the script, to assist further with a different perspective.



Rectangles.gh (101.9 KB) RECTANGLES.3dm (860.2 KB)