"Polygon Mesh Option" window no longer appears



Hello everybody,
I have a problem when exporting to the DXF or DWG format. The “Polygon Mesh Option” window no longer appears.
Only the options in the Command Promt “Select meshing option (DetailedOptions PolygonDensity = 50):” will appear.
The window appear when I export to an e.g. 3DS. Does anyone have an idea how I get back the “Polygon Mesh Option” window for a DXF or DWG export?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Uwe - have you launched the export process using the -Export command, with a dash in front?



Hi Pascal

Thanks for the answer.
No. I have launched the export with _Export command.


(Vanessa Steeg) #4

Hi Uwe,

Which DWG Scheme are you using?


Hi Vanessa,

I created a new scheme based on the 2004 Solid scheme. But Export surfaces as: is changed to Meshes. So the “Polygon Mesh Option” window should actually appear.


(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Uwe - that is odd - I just did this and I do get the dialog for meshing after dismissing the dwg options dialog - I am not sure what to suggest… you see the regular dialogs for dwg export apart from the meshing, correct?



Hi Pascal,

the regular DWG/DXF Export Options dialogs appears. After I selected my scheme and press ok only the options in the Command Promt appear.