Polygon forms

Hello, I hope you are well.
I have some questions about how to develop this type of polyhedra in grasshopper, it is for a university project in which I seek to generate shapes that resemble the growth of crystals and minerals.
It would be very helpful if someone can guide me on how to develop this form process.

In your picture… a list of points connected by beams, creating triangles. … a mesh.

That is a mesh. What else to say?

If you want to create a mesh, there are more than a couple of ways to do so.

Your picture, imho, is completely unrelated to crystals/minerals.
Also, “shapes that resemble the growth of crystals” is wrong. You can study how crystals grows to then obtain a final shape. The growth itself have no shape, but a logic.

Depending of which mineral/crystal/metal/material you have a totally different “growth logic”, and so final shape. (I like bismuth crystals!)

Are you interested into replicating the microscopic chemical logic that slowly build up crystals? (so a filled-up volume)
Or are you interested into mimicking just the outer shell of a crystal?