Polygon Edges Showing Through in Render


I’m rendering a simple mesh cylinder in Brazil and the polygon edges are showing through in the render, black lines that follow the polygon edges. I am appalled that something so basic is creating a problem. I noticed that even perfectly flat mesh surfaces show polygon outlines in renderings in Brazil but the cylinder is extremely obvious.

Someone please tell me that there is a simple fix…


Is this an imported mesh object? Is it literally miles from the world origin? Such artifacts are most often overlapping geometry. A model would help.


It is a Rhino 5 model created within the last month converted to polygon mesh, I created a basic cylinder in Rhino today with even worse results. The cylinder is textured with a basic white texture, the gray color is created by an HDRI image that I have been using for this “massive project!” for creating ambient occlusion textures with great results up until now.


What do I need to do to get the exact conditions in a model sent to you?


You’d need the textures too, I suppose, if the problems don’t appear without them. Save the file with textures packed…which would be huge but you can PM me and I can send a link to upload.