Polygon drag mode bug

Feel very disappointed reading and experiencing so many bugs in final V6 version.
I’m about to switch back to Rhino 5
Polygon drag mode doesn’t work outside correctly outside polygon line.

Hello - this is indeed changed in V6 - the problem in V5 is that there are too many tracking lines wich makes it almost impossible to use if the control polygons are nearly parallel. So- the trick is to drag along the polygon and hit the Tab key to lock the direction and then go on the side you want. I’ve found that after a short 'learning curve this is now completely natural and it is much easier to track the right segment.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for reply, i use polygon drag mode from years now this a very usefull tool to me, but i never experienced any kind of problem moving the way i want.Nevertheless thanks for the trick !
I feel disappointed with V6, still bugs with array object on curve…i’m using WIP at free time
and i’d compare both of them to the same level of bugs…I feel sorry for new users starting Rhino on V6.