Polyframe - early navigation

Hello Forum - @nejur
I’m in the very early exploration stage of Polyframe (and 3d Graphic Statics).
I’m trying to navigate the interface…so I can begin to explore form-finding.
I’ve got as far as:

  • downloading Polyframe
  • made the toolbar visible
  • creating some Rhino geometry.
    But now I’m stuck.
    A basic question: Using the PFBuild command, how do I actually build a PolyFrame from the Rhino input geometry?
    BTW, I’m a novice with this…and I’m looking at the Poly Frame Manual.
    Form finding.3dm (218.0 KB)
    Form finding1.gh (12.2 KB)

@jason_morenikeji it seems you are mixing PolyFrame with the 3d Graphic Statics plug-in. Polyframe only works as a Rhino plug-in for now. If you have problems on the GH side please direct your questions to the 3DGS plug-in developer. Polyframe and 3DGS (plug-in) are two different products.


Hello there @nejur
Thank you for your reply.
It’s Polyframe that I’m very much interested in.
Are there some simple PolyFrame examples you can share so that I can navigate the interface and control of the structure?
Kind regards,

In this case the examples are just rhino closed polysurfaces (closed breps) that you turn into polyframes. You can start by using the geometry you have shared in your previous message. Use the commands in the order they are arranged in the toolbar (you will start by using the first three). PFBuild → PFDual, → PFPerp.
The manual linked on food4rhino gives you a good starting point.

Thank you for your help @nejur.
Thankfully, I’m making some progress with the manual (see image/file).
I do have one question that is eluding me.
How do I control the Form Diagram?
Any input you can offer would help immensely.
Kind regards,
Forum.3dm (4.1 MB)

Hello again @nejur
Some more progress…but I’m not sure what I’m doing.
It’s the manipulation of the force/form diagram I’m looking to understand.
I have a form diagram shown in the attached image.
Is the method to change the colour/size/form of the node and linkages?

When I select Vertices, the form diagram doesn’t shape-shift in a controllable manner. Or am I missing something?
I end up with the second image…
Help and advice are most appreciated.

Forum1.3dm (9.8 MB)