Poll: Rhino Discount for Nonprofits

Greetings Rhino Community Enthusiasts!

I represent a non-profit based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our organization is attempting to create a shack replacement to address to dire housing situation facing many vulnerable South African families. Enough about me though.

Thank you to McNeel for providing educational discounts to the global community.

I was disappointed to learn that McNeel does not extend this same discount to nonprofit organizations. I’m completely out of my element here. I’m not a designer or an architect. I’m simply trying to support the efforts of other designers and I could really use your constructive feedback. Do other nonprofits use this tool? Am I off base here?

Does the community support a discount for nonprofits? Please make your (again constructive) views known in this thread. Thank you all.

I think educational licences are there because later on chances are a student becomes a professional and will then require a commercial license. This is not the case for non-profits.

Can a non-profit buy computers or construction tools at a discount?

Yes, we are in dicussions with a number of partners about our initiative. We are doing this on a small scale to construct several working prototypes. The proof of concept will serve to build a case for support. Upon completion of what I’m calling the Discovery Phase of the project, we will use what we’ve learned to scale the project. At that point, if we can achieve economies of scale the natural economic order will reduce or contain the costs.

Hi @tom17
I’m not going to meddle with how McNeel handle their licensing - that’s for them to decide. There are, however, lots of other free alternatives out there. The aptly named FreeCAD, SketchUp Free, Blender and many, many more. Here’s a list compiled by 3D printer manufacturer Sculpteo, just to get you started:

HTH, Jakob

I do design work with Architects Without Borders Oregon, a 50c3 organization, and have been meaning to inquire about this myself. I could break our volunteers away from other software if we had more Rhino licenses for collaboration. Autodesk offers us an AutoCAD/Revit combo pack at a very reduced price that keeps us inside their ecosystem.