Polar arraying

So I am building this muqarnas unit, and I managed to replicate the unit by moving it in a certain vector, but this method only works for linear arraying, I am having trouble applying a polar array and still preserving the staggered form of the muqarnas which is visible in picture 3

Muqarnas trial 4.gh (32.9 KB)

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Nobody able has any clues?

I can’t find any Polar array component in your algorithm. Did you put one in?
Do you have a reference picture of the result? If I understand correctly, you want to create a polar array while also making the modules overhang. Is that so?

thx for the reply, no I didn’t put a polar array, I tried it but wasn’t successful

this is a reference image, I don’t want it exactly like that ofcourse, mine will be much simpler

thank you

I see: in your case you should also take into account the fact that modules on upper “rings” will have to change dimensions, since the diameter of the circle is shrinking (because of the overhang). That is the main matter, because the overhang itself can be obtained just via the reduction of the Polar array radius.
I’m not sure I can try something, but I’ll be sure to post it if I manage to.

for me, the diminishing of the upper rows is not important atm, just want to be able to do a polar array with offsetting circles as you go up

Got it! Here, hope this helps.

Stacked array.gh (6.6 KB)

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thanks a lot, I will try it and let you know what I did, and if I need anymore help :blush:

Is there a component that lets you array along a certain path, like a polyline you choose??

Of course, it’s called Curve array!


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