Polar array conect problem

How to do properly the polar array operation so that the ends connect to each other at the same height?

Thanks so much

polarArray.3dm (917.6 KB)

Welcome @sustin. Change your tolerance to 0.01 and retry.

snap00 1-4-2020

error :frowning:

Well, your curve is not drawn accurately. Look at it from the top view and zoom into the ends, you will see that the ends do not meet the octant lines at the same place relative to the origin. So when you polar array them around the origin, the ends will not meet. Once you fix that, your polar array should work OK. You might need some more construction geometry to help.

Oh, and your revolved surface is also not centered exactly at 0 it’s slightly off in the +X direction, so that should also be re-made. Make sure you are using object snaps and coordinate entry to place your geometry precisely.

Here is something close - I remade your original curves to be arrayed so that they will accurately polar array around 0, and I re-revolved the surface. The curves were first made flat, then projected to the surface. They are close to your originals but not exact of course.

PolarArrayRe.3dm (1.0 MB)


Sorry, I didn’t dig as far as Mitch @Helvetosaur. He has
the answer.

thank you very much - Helvetozaur