Polar array a sentence

just wondered if it was possible to write sentence and then polar array it onto an object

Um the short answer is ‘yes?’

okay ,so do I write it in text or do I use the 3d text and then space as I need it in the sentace?

You would probably use the TextObject command and create solids.

thanks I’ll give it a go .

Hello- my guess is PolarArray is not what you are after here - more likely a Flow operation from a line to a circle or arc.


no what I’m after is to be able to write a sentence then take the sentence and then polar array the sentence ,and the maybe project it onto a surface ,similar to writing round the edge of a coin

… that definitely sounds like Flow

If you polar array a sentence, you get the identical sentence repeated, for example like this:

If you want to wrap the sentence around like a coin, you flow it, e.g. like this:

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I wasn’t familiar with that quote so I just looked it up - sounds an interesting play!

yes thanks that is what I was trying to do .