PointsOn shows X-Y-Z axis


Got a small problem. If I set PointsOn and select them on my open surface every selected point will show a X-Y-Z Axis and I don’t want that. When I draw a plane and do the same it shows nothing. Anyone knows what the problem is or where i can put this off?


Hello- this display on selected surfface control points is not X and Y but indicates the +U and +V surface directions- these are there to aid in using tools like SelU, SelV etc.

It is there for planes as well,


Is there a way to put them off? So they won’t be visable?

Hello- I do not think there is a way to turn these off. I’ll see if we can add something for that in a future version.


Oke thanks for the info.
I can stop searching then :stuck_out_tongue: