Pointset Reconstruction - PLUGIN

Hi folks!
Im trying to find this fine plugin.
Is it still available?
Where cna I find it?
Thank you.

It is still available, but no longer developed or supported. The plugin contains known crash bugs. For better implementations of Delaunay and Voronoi (both 2D and 3D), you can use Grasshopper.


Thanx David.
Any tutorials on how to use this in Grasshopper?

Hi @DavidRutten,

The plugin no longer works in V6 (worked fine in V5 and before). I realize it is no longer developed, but would it be possible to allow it to run in V6 somehow?
Your other pre-Grasshopper babies still do (RhPicture, QuantumTransforms) and are much cherished.
Actually RhPicture didnt for a bit, but @stevebaer did some magic and it was fixed.

The link above has 1.3K downloads, which shoud illustrate the interest from users. GH Delaunay is there, I know, but its a different workflow than having a command that can be macroed, or simply used with no need to enter GH editor just for that.



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this week I made my first serious attempt to use R6 for a comercial project and now I found this… I can only emphasize jareks words, I use Davids tool on a daily basis in R5, I need something fast and reliable like this in R6, select a pointclout, type “delaunay” done.



So does the old plugin no longer work on Rhino6, or can you not find it? I noticed the link posted above is dead now.

Hi David, drag&drop with my version (which is pretty old I guess…) did not work, however I tried it with grasshopper and it worked better than expected… but the files were pretty small, next week I will have to process big data… I hope gh can do this.

Best Andreas

Here is a quickie Python script that might help… Select any number of points plus pointclouds and Enter. Will use the active view’s CPlane as the reference plane.

MeshFromPointObjs.py (821 Bytes)


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Hi David,

It’s not the link, the plugin just does not work in Rhino 6 (your other old plugins like QuantunTransform and RhPicture still work fine in V6).



Thank you for the script Mitch, will try it out ASAP -> you guys are the best!