Points on Surface - Boolean

Hey everyone,

Basically I have set of points on set of surfaces. I want to know which point intersects with which surface and use that Boolean to do another task. I have tried several methods which failed miserably :frowning:
Any help is welcomed.

You mean the closest pt is contained in a give BrepFace I guess.

Until some good Samaritan provides a native solution get the attached. (BTW: An empty branch in the pt containment Tree means an orphan point [ i.e. not contained in any Face]).

BrepFace_PointContainment_V1.3dm (112.6 KB) BrepFace_PointContainment_V1.gh (119.2 KB)

thanks @PeterFotiadis🦸‍♂️ ,

thats what i meant and i have used your solution

Get the trad update: done some minor mods here and there + a “visual Tree(s) exploitation” .

BrepFace_PointContainment_V1A.3dm (124.9 KB) BrepFace_PointContainment_V1A.gh (121.8 KB)

Note: This is an entry level take on that matter … meaning that it DOES NOT check your data for validity (for instance: BrepFace planarity and the likes): If you input bananas … bananas is what you’ll get.