Points not displaying in Perspecive Viewport

Hi All,

i’m creating a series of points using the Domain and Range functions. They are displaying in the Top Viewport
but they are not showing up in the perspective viewport-any thoughts? I’m runnning Rhino 6 latest build


What display mode are you using on the perspective viewport?
If it is one of Redered, Arctic or Raytraced, then Gh points won’t show up.
Change to Wireframe or Shaded would help…

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Ah, got it!
Thank you

@HS_Kim,i have the same problem,but perspective mode is on shaded(better say non of the view port modes work for me) and still it is like clipping the view port!!!

any suggestion?



This is an old post, and I was wondering if the solution has been found? As I am also having a similar challenge with the viewport.