Points move when zooming in Rhino 6

I’m not sure what to call this issue, so please forgive me if I have been less than clear in the subjectPoint Shift.3dm (57.2 KB)
. I have 2 objects, on screen. When I zoom in very close, the Points and the Objects start to shift around, randomly. This does not happen in Rhino 5.
If you look at the attached (I hope!) file you will see a Leader pointing to the issue. Zoom in very close, until you can see the blue Circle. Now watch the lines and points. With each click of my mouse wheel, everything shifts with relation to each other and the circle changes shape, slightly.
How can I make this stop? I do this when I need Objects to connect for Joins.

I suspect this has to do with the GPU Tessellation that speeds up V6 display.
See if turning it off gets you sorted.
It will slow down the display.
Options > View > OpenGL

V5 did not have this feature.

Thank you, John. That helped, considerably, but not totally. The Control Points are no longer moving around but the Objects still jump. It’s as if the zoom was turning on a Snap of some kind. The circle stays perfectly round, now, too.
I still cannot adjust the end point of a line. When I click on the Control Point, a new line appears, connected to it. That line is movable but it disappears after I turn off the CPs.
Here’s an interesting new observation: When I slowly move the control point, the line follows, in jumps, as if I were zoomed in beyond the granularity of the display resolution. I do remember, in Rhino 5, that if you zoomed in too tight, Objects would disappear. This does not seem to happen in Rhino 6, which is terrific.

I know @stevebaer is continuing to tweak these settings.

Steve’s welcome to come watch me destroy all his hard work, whenever he likes!