Points Missing?

Hi all.
I am new to Rhino.
After opening a .txt file with about 4000 evenly spaced points, I have noticed that all the Y 0 points are missing.
I have opened the same file in mastercam and everything seems fine.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Test.txt (102.7 KB)

Could you post a half=dozen or so representative lines from the file, including at least one y=0 line? Formatted exactly as they are in your file, of course.

file has been uploaded

I may have figured it out.
I am going to try removing the - in front of the 0.000

I’ll bet that’s it. What is the exact command that you used to bring the file into Rhino?

I don’t know - if I open your text in word, it say it has 4140 lines. Importing the file into Rhino gives me 4140 points… Looking at the file in notepad, it seems to have some separators as tabs and others as spaces… But Rhino still seems to import it OK. The Y=0 points all seem to be there…


Yes the Y points are in the file, but Rhino does not plot them until I remove the negative sign.
I didn’t catch this because mastercam did plot the points fine.
Anyway appears to be fixed.

@pascal Think this is due for some of your “tuning up”?

All 4140 points come in here when I import the text file, no need to remove minus signs… The y0 are marked in Green in the image. There is one point that seems out of place in Z… (red) I’m not sure what you mean by “plot”, though…


I am very surprised.
The green line of points in your pic is missing when I import.
The red point in the upper corner is Z 0

Hmm… very odd… latest version of Rhino? Are you running in an other language than English? What are the settings for the separator you used when importing the points (I used “Tab”)?


This is getting even more interesting. Could you let us know your machine/OS versions? Also your Rhino version and whether you are running any plugins?

icapp tools
mesh to points

windows 7 OS 64 bit
version is in the attached pic
evaluation copy- 32 bit i think

English is the language.
Tab was the separator.

OK, your Rhino version is pretty old - 5.1 - we’re actually on 5.6… If this is an eval version it must have been installed quite a while ago (like January or something…)… I don’t know if you can safely update to the current eval without losing your remaining saves, in principle yes…