Points Group by proximity

I am trying to group this points as clusters then hull to then populate2d those areas, but the point group command is giving me a hard time… Any ideas?

190320_ImageSampler2DPopulate.gh (1.3 MB)

IMO, in this case, using image heightfield and sectioning could be one way of getting boundary areas of what you expect…
Or you could try plugins like rooster or peacock.

RasterizeImage_re.gh (398.5 KB)


Thank you! you always have this cleaver solutions.
I am going to see how i can implement this. one thing ive notices is the little groups scattered around the perimeters, I might try to solve that with the Null command to make new areas to limit those conditions.

Here is the updated file, I will work on making the areas be populated according to area sizes with attractor points from center of area. however, as I plug a different image the results resolution is not the best. is there any kind of generalized or image standardization I could use instead of HAL to get a better result?

NicolasGuerin00-300x300 190404_IRB1400_HBedSetup.3dm (65.9 KB)
190412_ImageSampler2DPopulate.gh (884.1 KB)

You should be careful with the data tree.
And depending on the scale of the mesh generated, the cross section will need to be adjusted.

190412_ImageSampler2DPopulate_re.gh (291.9 KB)