Points between Points

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Here is my question. i want your experience to share and it for advancing my knowledge.

  1. i have table 1 that show points on curve at different length.
    the other tables 20,25,30,35 are needed to insert points between table 1 lengths.
  2. incase table 1Test.gh (7.7 KB) Test.3dm (27.2 KB) changes the order so then grasshopper automatically pick the right table from 20,25,30,35 and insert points byself.
    all i need a simple function so i can proceed to my next task.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Have a good day.

Something like this?

Test (1)_re.gh (20.5 KB)

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yes something but you created another table 2 which i dont want.
This case something like <IF … Then > type to task grasshopper to follow table 1 only .
Thanks V. Much for quick help. have a nice day.