Points and control polygon are being printed

Another issue is printable selection!

so I guess I need to add a _PointsOff precommend for CTRL+P

Thank you @mary
To clarify the above, If I have an object selected with a _PointsOn, It will be always printed, and my expectations is that I don’t want to see that, sometimes I forget to use the _PointsOff before printing so I end up seeing my selection box and the control points in my PDFs.

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@tay.othman Got it.
Now I understand.

I logged RH-79362 Control-points-on-single-selected-Objects-Print:
This YT is for public view, and you can check status by viewing.
When there is a fix tested and in a service release you will be notified here in this thread.

As a workaround, a “window select” on 2 or more objects and then the control points or rectangle highlight are not printed.

  • However, a windows select on one object, will still have the issue.
  • Printing to the Rhino PDF seems to be able to ignore the control points in the output.
  • But not so with other PDF writers and physical printers, are not so sophisticated.

All of these details , are include in the YT.

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier


This got me too… Only realized it after a large plan has been printed :frowning:

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RH-79362 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 3 Release Candidate