PointOneStudio: Why Rhino?

Why Rhino? If you are an architect, engineer, or IT developer?

Junghwo Park is the principal at PointOneStudio in Korea, currently working as a BIM specialist at Umdsch Group Ventures in Austria. On his YouTube channel, he talks about why architects, engineers, and IT developers should use Rhino.

He also runs the Parametric-Culture.com website with his partner in Korea, working and researching on:

  • Writing architectural design application books for parametric BIM
  • Introducing information and know-how on computational design and BIM through his blog and YouTube channel
  • Using plugins of Rhino and Grasshopper to develop various BIM design approaches
  • OpenBIM technical research for application
  • BIM education and consulting in architectural design

Check out some of his video tutorials:

More videos on the PointOneStudio YouTube channel…

Posted Oct 09, 2020 by HeeYoung Lee on Rhino News, etc.