Pointclouds in Rhino 6

Then it’s handy that Dave already implemented it in the (free) Grasshopper plugin (provided in the link above, where he references the same paper) :wink:

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Just update a link that at the moment of writing this comment wasn’t easy to find:

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Hi There
My name is Sheyla. I am working with pointools doing 3d modelling. Recently I got a new computer and I installed Rhino 5 32bit and installed pointools plug-in and by using toolbar I open its tools however, I am having a problem to make this run.

The message is Error loading\PointoolsVortexAPI.dll

Please someone can help me with it

Maybe PointTools needs 64 bit Rhino 5 to run?

I used Nextengine very extensively every day from 2007-2013+. I still have the equipment and would love to use it, but some ‘infamous troll’ is suing them lately and bleeding the company to death I surmise. So nothing works, plus no support for resolving the ‘flash player’ problem.

Fwiw, I eventually only used ScanStudioHD for scan captures, and RapidWorks for everything else (trimming, aligning, surfacing, etc.).

Unfortunately due to the lawsuit, I have to figure out a new solution…

I’d agree if Rhino had an ability to ‘align’ meshes.

I agree. Plus you cant used most of the apps available without paying first basically.

Out of 40 options, I’ve zeroed it down to 3: ‘scaniverse’, ‘spectre 3D’, and ‘3D scanner’.

I agree 110%. I’ve been in these industries long enough to have experienced the cabals from every angle.

In regards to ‘reverse engineering’ I’m currently dealing with a scenario with ‘Nextengine’ being sued by it’s self basically, so now I have a $3k scanner (paper weight) and $5k in useless software plus 15 years of digital content that’s no longer accessible.

I look forward to the patents expiring and antiquation manifesting where it’s due.

‘architecture’ and ‘landscape’ are nominal tolerances.

… relative to actual reverse engineering – point cloud tol should be (+/-0.0025")–(+/-0.005").

Sorry to hear about your woes with NextEngine.
I moved on to Creaform ExaScan handheld scanner.
It’s more difficult to use, but much more accurate.
I have gotten machined blocks to withing +/- 0.002" accuracy.
It also is very accurate with all kinds of surfaces, as long as your setup your project properly.
In any case, Creaform is for the ‘big boys’ b/c they are extremely pricey.
I consider them just another robber baron corporate criminal syndicate.

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I recently purchased a Creality Scan Lizard, it isnt too bad for $500,
You should also look at the Revopoint Mini, and watch out for the Revopoint “Range” launching in February.

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Looks like a Creaform knockoff.
How good is it on large parts, like car grill or fender?
How accurate is it across the entire part?
What kind of scanning and RE work have you done with it?

what lol