Pointcloud into smooth surface

Hello, I wanted to create a smooth surface from a point cloud. The pointcloud is a part of a landscape and all I tried before did not work out very well.
I already tried to explode the pointcloud and create a surface but the file is too big because it would be 16.000.000 points. Then I tried it with the plugin RhinoResurf but the problem is, that the different levels are just triangles or squares…so at the end it´s not a smooth surface which I want. And I want to contour it at the end to build a height model for a lasercutter. Another problem is I can`t contour the pointcloud, because then, the different height lines, are very confused and not really right. And my last try to drape the area also didnt work because the surface gets very inaccurate, but I dont know why. Does someone has got another idea how I could solute this problem? Thanks for your advices

I use the Patch command to create surfaces from sets of points and point clouds. If the number of points is large, over several thousand, I sample the points to reduce the number so that it is small enough for Patch to work.

but i cant reduce the number of points because its a pointcloud and if I explode it the file is too big to use it… so i cant delete points from there. Is there a possibility to trim the pointcloud?

Try using Section or Contour on the point cloud. I’m away from my computer but my recollection is one or both work with point clouds.

Have you tried exploding the point cloud and verified the result is too large to work with?

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you might take a look here:



IIRC, you can sub-object select parts of the point cloud and then delete those.