Pointcloud density based on distance to attractor curve

Hi everyone!

I’m kinda new to Grasshopper and have been trying to learn a lot through YouTube, which has been very exciting and a bit challenging :slight_smile: Currently I’m working on a project and I’m not able to figure it out. What I want is a rectangular plane with a curve on top of it. Then I want to populate the rectangle with points, with the density of the point depending on how close to the curve you are. So the closer to the curve, higher the amount of points, the further away from the curve, the lower the amount of points. Based on my findings so far, I’ve learned that it may be a good approach to have the rectangle filled with points in a uniform way and then delete points from that. I’m not really sure how to do that in a controlled manner so I’m hoping for some advice. I was thinking that control via a graph would be nice, but I’m open for any suggestions. In the end I will use the point to create a voronoi pattern, offset all of the shapes inwards and have that lasercut from wood, so I can glue it to a door, paint the grooves between the panes in copper and the surfaces of the panes in black. Creating the voronoi pattern I will manage, but creating the pointcloud is difficult for me. Any suggestions?

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Thank you so much! This is perfect!