Pointcloud Clipping Plane Visibility

Would it be possible to change the clipping plane function so that you can still see what is being clipped ?
In this case I am clipping a pointcloud, it would be great to be able to still see the rest of the object .
I have made this image as an example.
Once I am happy with the location of the clipping plane, I could then toggle the “Parent” object off (Invisible)

Hi MIke - so the idea would be to be able to see the section the plane makes but but not clip the view, correct?


Hi Pascal, Yes, not immediately clip the view.
Possibly show the whole object while the clipping plane is moving, then clip when it is stationary.

At the moment I have one viewport (Front) showing the location of the clipping plane, and another viewport (Right) showing the clipped view .

Hi Mike - so, just to make sure I understand the problem you want to solve - you’d like to move the plane in a single (oblique?) view, and not need two viewports one clipped and one not, to see wheree it is in the overall object, correct?


Hi Pascal,
Yes, exactly.

Hi @Mike_A and @pascal

Isn’t that what EnableClippingPlane and DisableClippingPlane are for? Although I’ve always wanted a toggle switch instead, so you don’t have to run separate commands - could that be made a wish, @pascal ?
HTH, Jakob