Point selection (IronPython)

Hi, I can’t put a point on the top and bottom sides of the cube. Solved through Explode > Join, check it out.
Point.3dm (28.9 KB)
Point.py (197 Bytes)

Hi Modeler3D,
the cube is an extrusion (not a polysurface) so Rhino can’t recognize the surfaces as in a polysurface (when you explode you convert the extrusion to a polysurface).
Two solution came in mind:

  • in Rhino call _UseExtrusion and set to Polysurface so you won’t produce “Extrusion” objects and the script will work as expected
  • make a check on the selected object, if it’s an extrusion, make a copy, convert to polysurface and use that to set the point (at the end cancel the polysurface).
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