Point Rotation

I was wondering if there is some quick way to get point rotation. I’m asking as when a point is rotated using gumball the gumball remembers its state - ofc it can be that gumball remember state per doc object id - but maybe there is some option to read transform of it or can be achieved only implementing custom doc object doing from the ground up kinda “pivot” point?

Hi @D-W,

Sounds like you want this?


If a Rhino object has been manipulated by Rhino’s gumball, and the gumball is not in its default position, then the object’s repositioned gumball frame is returned.

– Dale

Bullseye! Though i guess i won’t be able to cheat like that and implementing CustomPoint for “pivot” point will be enough. I was looking for sth like point normal in a pointclouditem it would be enough for my purpose. Besides you know v7 ETA is not in my scope :sweat_smile:

Anyway thanks for throwing this in maybe ill find some quick and dirty way with use of Gumball Plane :slight_smile: I would be really grateful if we could move the IO topic a bit as I guess i hit a dead end there.