Point Relative to a Face/Surface

Hi All,

R3D newbie here, and my first post…

i have found out how to place a point on a mesh or surface, for example on a cylinder i can place a point on the top middle. once i scale the cylinder in the vertical direction i want that point also to move relative to the top face of the cylinder.

could anyone please help me how to constraint to a face?


Hello - a couple of things come to mind -

  1. Group the point with the cylinder so that both will be selected and will scale together - probably the simplest;

  2. Project a point onto the cylinder using History - as long as the original point is around, and the projection direction hits the cylinder from that point, the projected point will update with the cylinder.


Thanks Pascal, i will try that soon!

lovely jubbly, thanks Pascal that did the trick… :slight_smile:

another question relating to this,… is it possible to create phantom points which wont be part of the overall geometry but only as references for transformations?

on further investigation, the point stays relative to the top surface but scaled on other directions the coordinate components other than z too get transformed but i want these coord components to be bound to given edges so that they would maintain the constance distance when transformed, if that makes any sense…