Point Preview customization

Is it possible to customize Point Preview other than the default Dot / Point / Cross?

For clarity purpose I wish I could set either the cross line size (ie down to 1 px), dot size, and transparencies to lighten up the display.


Nope, sorry.

There is the symbol display in V6 that will do this for you

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Thanks for your response David.

It would be nice if this could be done at some point for generating as more friendly less cluttered display while developing algorithms.

Thanks for your response Steve. This can help in some cases.

I hope this helps in all cases. Please let me know about cases where this doesn’t help

If there is a way to set the new symbol display as the default point display then all good. If you have to plug it in every single time then not so much for the extra steps.

This is now logged for GH2 under RH-42701

I’m jumping in on this thread with a question related to symbols:

Is it possible to create your own custom symbols to display?
How are the existing symbols made? Is it done as a DisplayConduit?
If so, how do you get it to update with the camera change?
I really don’t want to use a timer to update the conduit, is there an Event Arg for “camera position change”?

Thank you!