Point osnap at block base point

In V6, when a point object in a block is at its block’s base point location, the point osnap won’t snap to that location of the block instance. V5 will snap to it.

In this example, a point object and the block’s base point are at the CPlane’s origin:
image image

TryPointOsnapWithPointAtBasePoint.3dm (40.3 KB)

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Hi Steve - thanks, I see that.

It’s working for me.
What do you have your Snap radius set to in Options > Modeling Aids?

15 pixels in both V5 and V6. Do you have a point object in the block definition at the base point?

I’ve notice this problem before in V6, but just realized today that the failure occurs where the point object and base point are coincident.

I have a small, high resolution screen, so my snap is at 30 pixels.
No, I did not include a Point object at the block insertion point.
I use the Point osnap to add a point object at the block instance base point.

The point object at the base point needs to be part of the block definition.

I just noticed that having a competing osnap target, e.g., curve endpoint for the end osnap, within the snap radius allows the point osnap to work: