Point Order problem

I created a voronoi 3D from random points in a brep and wanted to create Nurbs Curves on each face and realized some of them were being created with some errors (face isolated) because of the point order. First time to happen that to me, always been clockwise or anticlockwise (?) dont know what could cause it. Anyway to fix it?

I’m aiming to achieve something like the second image attached.

Voronoi prisma.gh (12.1 KB)

The vertices of a brep are not guaranteed to be in some specific order. What you’ll need to do is get the face boundary curve and use the Discontinuity (or Curve Points in case of polylines) component to get the points.

Thanks David, thought GH always had to display points in order.

Hope it helps you out.

Voronoi_Prisma_re.gh (11.9 KB)


Many thanks Kim! Really helps out a lot.