Point on curve by actual x coordinate


This question is probably quite simple, but I cannot figure it out.

I would like to have a point on a polyline curve. The polyline curve starts at x= -39.75, and ends at x=124.25

This makes the total length on the x axis 164. However, the polyline curve varies very little in height. Because of this, the curve length is not 164, but 164.00628

In this example file, if I project a point on length 164, the point is not put at the end. The 0.00628 is left. Is there any way, if I want the point at 164, the point is actually at the end of curve? The Y and Z values must always be on the curve I project the point on.

Point question.gh (15.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.

try the curve-plane intersection component. use a YZ plane and set it’s origin as any point with the X value you want?

Or just get the end point of the curve from the end points component?

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