Point Lights not working (Flamingo nXt 5.0 built 1-Apr-2016) + other bugs

So I just updated from Rhino 4 to 5 and updated the Flamingo also. Today came also an update to the Flamingo.
Quite a lot of annoying bugs, like decals missing when opening Rhino 4 files, Flamingo materials not copying when copying objects from other instance of Rhino.

But the most annoying bug currently is that I can’t make any point lights work. Not for older files I’ve created and not for new file. Point lights do nothing, there also seems to be some kind of bug when trying to switch channel for the lights. Help!

Sami -

Thank you for bringing some of these issues up. We are looking into them.

  1. At these time the Decals are not brought forward. The new NXT uses the Rhino 5 decal engine. We are trying to see if it possible to translate the old decals?
  2. I have found materials are copying from one file to another. If you have an example that is not working, can you send it to me? scottd@mcneel.com
  3. I do see the issue with the point light. We should be able to get that fixed up soon. At this time you can tag a sphere as a point light through the Flamingo Lights panel.

We will post an update as soon as we can.