Point Lights not working at all

Just started using Rhinoceros and Flamingo nXt 5.0. But there’s a really annoying bug that any point lights I created aren’t working at all. My situation is just like Point Lights not working (Flamingo nXt 5.0 built 1-Apr-2016) + other bugs posted a year ago.

Where can I get an update mentioned in the topic above that fixes this bug?

Hi there is it possible to resolve the problem by uninstalling flamingo or can someone tell me where the update is? Thanks a lot.

Can you send us an example of the point lights not working? Do you have a file you can send us?

The only time I have heard of this is when the Sun is on or there is a very bright HDRI lighitng the background that overwhelms the point light, making it look off.

Yes I can send a file but when I open the file I created on other’s rhinoceros it worked just fine. So I think its more of a problem with the version of rhinoceros or flamingo installed in my computer. If there isn’t an update for this issue, maybe you can tell me a way to uninstall flamingo? Thank you very much.

IO would make sure to get the latest Rhino from our website, and also get the newest Flamingo from our website. It seems to render fine here.