Point in mesh mess upp z-plane

Hi all, I export files in Rhino to use in another program from wind calculations. My terrain-file has some points that have a z-value about 930 m off from other points in the mesh and other STL-files I need to use in my calcualtion. This is no problem in Rhino, but in my other calculation program where the terrain is 930 m higher thatn the buildings.

@Gabriella, I’m not sure what the question is. The screen shot is from the other program? Does it look the same in Rhino?

Hi wim. More or less, this is the Rhino pic
The question is how do I get rid off the spike?

Turn on points for the mesh (F10), select the offending spike points, then use SetPt with “SetZ” and world checked to set the points to a different height (like pick a neighboring point at the correct height, or type a correct Z value like 930…

HTH, --Mitch