Point generation to form a series of triangles into a wave/helical path in anemone

Hi everyone!

I would like some help with setting up an anemone loop. What Im trying to do is create a path or series of triangles which can be adjusted to follow different curvatures. To begin with I used the sine curve, divided it and connected the points. What I am trying to do now, is to adjust the lengths of the triangles which would then adjust the path (i.e. from straight to a wave), this is an important factor as the lengths of the triangles should control the curvature as opposed to setting and adjusting a curve which would determine the path of the triangles.

I have tried to set up an anemone loop but the curvature is not correct, I think there is an error somewhere in the definition. Anemone Setup.gh (10.9 KB)

I then tried to set up the algorithm manually, but as you can see it is long and tedious and I have had no success looping it while maintaining the controls (GH: red bubble) 4. TetraWave_Manual setup.gh (29.1 KB)

If anybody could take at look at the algorithms and maybe see where I am going wrong or offer any advice as to how I could generate the anemone loop from the manual setup, I would be very grateful. It is very complicated so any advice would be much appreciated!

(Project Context: Tetrahedron Robots with adjustable struts following the basic path of the coiling tendril.)

Thank you very much and all the best!

At first glance, my general approach would

  1. offset curve on both sides
  2. triangulate between two offset curves with a mesh
  3. extract mesh faces and edges to get your ‘arm’ curves