Point Flavours - inaccurate representations

via menu Display -> Preview Point Flavour

the ‘dot’ and ‘point’ options don’t show correctly… they tend to bounce around or move entirely off screen when orbiting.
the default ‘cross’ variety seem to always position themselves correctly.

that said, upon baking any of them, the rhino points are accurately located.




idk… just an observation is all.

I think the same problem happens on the Windows version. Do you have z-depth bumping enabled?

i don’t know. i don’t think so.
i’ve messed around with a z-depth test command a while back but i don’t think it’s still active.
(like- i think i’m on a new computer now as opposed to the one when using the command)

Sorry, I was being unclear. I meant the Grasshopper display bumping option. In windows it’s located on the canvas toolbar dropdown:

Quite often Grasshopper and Rhino geometry are coincident, and the Bump Preview option is there to make sure that GH previews are always drawn ‘on top of’ Rhino geometry in the same place. However to do this a transformation needs to be applied to all GH previews and that results in a number of display artefacts, including lighting errors, clipping errors, and (perhaps) point location offsets.

oh… ok.
i guess it’s possible i’ve inadvertently turned that on…
the icon you’re showing though has no tooltip and no drop down…
but i have clicked on it a few times trying to figure out what it was supposed to do.

i am able to adjust preview mesh quality via the Display menu… but there’s no bump preview item in the menus as far as i can find so far.

idk, not really a big deal at this point and i suppose there’s nothing for me to try until the sphere icon gets hooked up properly… i think i prefer the crosses anyway :wink:

FWIW, I don’t get this to misbehave on Windows. Neither 0.9 nor 1.0 release of GH. Tried both with bumping enabled and disabled.

I know, but there was a similar bug on windows a while back, so it’s an existing issue, I just don’t quite remember whether I figured out what was causing it, or whether it was fixable.