Point-editing Spaces


(Djhg) #1

RMB Space > F10 and 2 points show on a space. One seems to move the text and the other moves either the text box or the space itself (except for the text) but I’m not sure exactly what’s happening… If one gets snapped on top of the other, neither seem selectable.


Hi @Djhg,
I’m trying to reproduce this behavior, but I can select both control points, even if they are one on top of the other. How are you doing it?

(Djhg) #3


Pre-updating Va to current, 1) the text box and text were moving separately, 2) the text would disappear under certain circumstances, 3) sometimes neither point was selectable, 4) if selecting points on a space copied from another space, one of the options offered to clarify ambiguous selection is the original space

Pos-updating to current.

  1. isn’t possible anymore, which is a bit of a loss, but it seems to solve the problem of 2)
  2. was rare before, I’m not sure what the circumstances were. Maybe it’s fixed.
  3. This is still happening. Not a huge problem, but never useful as far as I can see, and could lead to confusion.



  1. Do you mean when moving the label by the control point? I wasn’t aware of that behaviour, but if that happened that was a bug. Why is that a bit of loss? Do you want to recover that? I am confused.
  2. If it ever happens again, let me know.
  3. Please send me a model where that happens. (visualarq@asuni.com) and we will check it out.
  4. You are right. This is a new bug that we haven’t noticed yet. We will fix it for the upcoming versions.

(Djhg) #5
  1. Once the text comes in centred, it won’t be a loss to move the box and text independently.
    It was 4) that’s still happening (3 was likely connected to 1 and 2) Which you’ve now verified is a bug thx.