Point editing (or the likes) blocks?

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Is there a way to point edit blocks? especially triangular ones?

Below is a triangular shape with 3 control points- I made it by :Surface from 3 or 4 points Command then took the extraneous fourth node it makes and overlapped/combined it with one of the 3 I wanted (Even if you make a triangle Rhino seems to want to give you 4 control points?)

Here you can see how easy and nice it is to move around - grab a corner and it deforms the shape nicely while keeping the panel flat (which my application needs)

And here you can see by dragging the points to touch points from other triangles they tessellate very nice & predictably even if they are back to front.

Now im wondering is their a way to do something similar with blocks? say if I made one of these triangles into a block and tried to connect blocks this way? right now it wont let me point edit the blocks. Perhaps there is another way? I tried digging around in cage edit but haven’t yet found something that will let me do this with blocks.

For my application its important that the Panel stays flat - Its also think its important that the control points are the vertices of the triangle shape.

Any how ideas on this would be MUCH MUCH appreciated.

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Hi Luke - what would be the advantage of using blocks here? - do you mean you’d like to modify different instances of a single block so that they are different? You cannot do that other than by scaling the instance.


Yes - NURBS surfaces as implemented in Rhino at least, always have at least four points, two in U and two in V. I think there are other implementations, like with a triangular structure (probably requiring a minimum of 6 points) and maybe some others as well for all I know, two directions is usual. (Rhino cage objects have three directions but arranged in an ortho grid.)


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It would be highly advantageous for my application to use blocks in this way …This way I configure the tessellations with a more simple block using just triangles and connect the vertices/ control points, then go into the original block and copy paste a more complex geometry & watch it permute through the model; warping the original geometry to each localized part.

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Anyone got any ideas on this?

It feels like it should be pretty straight forward… I don’t know what I’m missing .

Maybe scaling would work. are their any good scaling plugins that will let me do a freedo scale type thing?