Point - color fill & width

the color of a point changes the border of that point. but a point is not a circle curve.
it is possible to fill in dots with color?
the width properties have no effect, maybe the width needs to change the dot diameter in print preview ?

In each display mode, you can change the point display style to what you like. Also possible with control points (separate setting).

oh yes for the fill
I had misread your answer

Ok, I would like to explain a use case.
For the user, like me, who works with engraving tools (eg laser cutting)

We need a rvb image or a dxf with line widths.
I can raster the drawing on an image and I think it will be logical and practical that the points and lines react in the same way as the lines with the parameter width.

Also, when we are engraving points, there may be different sizes for each point.
The globaly change can not help me in this case.

I guess what you might need is a tool that applies filled circles (hatches) of a specified diameter to selected points… or a circle with a print width…

Yes currently I use it. A circle (with a color that the engraving does not process) and a hatch inside. there are a lot of manipulations to draw a few points
This is just a proposal for a quick draw.
Another use case is if we export 3d particles with a density. currently, I can do it with Grasshopper, not with Rhino