Point client to zoo server with script

Good morning,

I’m seeking information to point a client to a zoo server via script (batch file) without interrupting the end user and not going through the GUI method.


  • We have a zoo server in the environment

  • We have users who already have Rhino installed on their PCs

  • I have researched Rhino Wiki and found no information to help me with the task I like to accomplish

  • I have the information from Rhino Wiki to complete the task in deleting the existing standalone license file

  • The goal is to convert the remaining standalone license files over to the zoo server (Windows and Mac)

  • I will run this script via SCCM (configuration manager) So, it might mean I may have to place IF conditions to see if an existing instance of Rhino is running; unless accomplishing my task can be done while in use and at their next Rhino launch it will pick up the zoo server.

Any help would be gladly appreciated,
Jose Santana

Hi Jose,

In order to convert an installation of Rhino that uses a standalone license to one that obtains it’s license from a Zoo server, you need to do two things:

1.) Replace the standalone license file with a network license file.
2.) Point Rhino to your Zoo server.

More on 1.)
The Rhino for Windows license file is stored here:

C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses

Rhino’s license file has this name:


For standalone licenses, this file is encrypted, unreadable, and unique per system. But for network licenses, this file is clear text, readable, and can be copied between one system and another. Thus, if you manually convert a Rhino installation from standalone to network, you can then copy it’s license file to other Rhino systems to convert them to network.

More on 2.)
Here is how Rhino for Windows finds a Zoo server:


With this, you should be able to figure out how to push out an Registry key addition or configure your DNS server.

Does this help?

– Dale