PNG error with fire material


I’m having some trouble making a fire material in V-Ray.

I’m using a emisse material with a .png file of the fire in the emisse color slot, the first fire texture I tried it worked just fine, but I’m trying to do differente fires and some error is occuring when I load the .png file into V-ray. I’ve tried different fire textures but I always get the same error.

The .png file is done correctly and I can’t understand why V-ray assumes some parts of the file with background, that make the fire appear with some with parts in white.

When I load the .png into v-ray I can see the parts where the error is, please see file attached.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Maybe something is wrong with the alpha data in the file. I would try to use a separate alpha map at the opacity slot.

Or maybe it helps to enable the Diffuse Texture Alpha. Or did you enable it yet?


Hi Micha,

But there isn’t an opacity slot in the emissive material. It is single png file in the emissive color slot.

Its is solved Micha.

I was doing the material by duplicating the first set of flames material.

Tried doing the material from scratch and no error.

Should have done that in first place, thank you anyway.


Great, and if you should need it in the future - you can place an alpha map at the transparency color slot too, if needed you can set it “inverted” there.